Mission Possible—Get Along with Social-Media Relations

Do you guys watch 2 Broke Girls on CBS?Oh, I love it. It’s about a girl from Brooklyn, named Max who made ends meet by serving the table at Williamsburg diner where she met her new waitress friend Caroline—A rich girl came from upper-east side. Caroline’s luxury life gone for good when her billionaire father was put in jail for fraud. Anyway, two broke girls decided to start their own cupcake business when Caroline found Max made delicious cupcakes. The problem is that, for a small and new business like theirs, getting publicity seems “Mission Impossible”.

When they were in a food network party, Caroline noticed that one of the guests was an influential food blogger. So she took a shot, introduced herself and their homemade cupcakes to seek her endorsement. Later, the blogger savored their cupcakes and to their great joy, she did write about these yummy cakes for her column. What a vivid reflection of today’s media relations!

Media relations now, I think, can be better referred as “Influential Relations”. Because the emerging social media has empowered say influential blogger to generate buzz just as journalists do in printed media. Gone by the days when media endorsement seems out of the question for unknown products or small business. One major advantage is that the social media relations, or online media relations, offers PR professionals more opportunities to build relationships with media such as Caroline’s blogger pitching. It’s not just working well in TV series. A recent survey shows that 90% of small business use social media. In this case, PR practitioners now have a much longer media list than before, because pretty much everyone can report news today.

Well, social media may not have a gatekeeper as traditional media and fall short of accuracy or limited space, but they’re married to the “immediacy” and “transparency”, which is quite the beat of our society. I can’t say whether social media has made media-relations activities easier or harder, for opportunities coexist with challenges. But I do see the online-networking door is wide open.


They wanted Martha to taste their cupcake.

“We need to get exposures”, said Caroline. She and Max hired a web master to set up their company website and at the end of the first season, they even reached Martha Stewart.


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