5 Key Points of Good Community Management

A flourishing community is not built in one day. People tend to join a community that will give them a sense of belonging, keep them informed and add value to their life. That’s exactly how I feel about NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development. Wasserman is a perfect example for addressing community management in terms of it builds an active community both online and offline.

1.    A Clear Subject

What is the community about? What is the core message of your organization? A clear subject serves as the identity of that particular community. It could be a goal like “NYU Wasserman provides students at all stages at their career the help they need.” The opposite situation of a clear subject is “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

2.    Be On Target

A common pitfall in managing social media communities is “the More the Merrier”. Actually, it is critical to differentiate your primary audience and others. For Wasserman, obviously, it focuses on NYU students. So when I asked to join Wasserman Center on LinkedIn, they required and confirmed my NYU e-mail address. This is a way to better allocate resources and achieve efficacy.

3.    Meaningful Engagement

With the first two points settled, it’s time to nurture the community relations via meaningful engagement. Wasserman, as I mentioned earlier, is proactive both online and offline. Aside from Wasserman Weekly emails, students can access Hot Job and special events updates on Wasserman’s Blog, Twitter account and Facebook page. Further, students could schedule a one-on-one career counseling and attend career fair to meet potential employers.

4.    Embrace Diversity

You can image a university like NYU is composed of students from all over the world. That’s why Wasserman organizes workshops specifically for international students, encourages them to give full play of their advantage and creates networking opportunities. They also provide different events for undergraduate students and graduate students, because diversity today has a much broader definition, including different education background. The point is community managers should respect diversity and customize messages accordingly.

5.    Keep Moving Ahead

NYU Wasserman recently launched a widget and mobile site as new channels for students to be informed. A small progress shows a big dedication. The ultimate goal for community managing is to build a mutually beneficial community. In this case, when we stand out in the job market, we bring honor to our school and career center as well.


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